InDinero is a cool online financial dashboard that allows you to track your business financial health from one central location. It works by connecting to all your accounts and analyzing your transactions to give you a detailed overview of how your business is performing. Their purpose is to help businesses with accounting and taxes, like an outsourced finance department. One of Jessica’s goals for her organization as it expands is to handle growth gracefully and retain culture along the way. They have streamlined our complete accounting, booking, and tax-filing process – allowing us to have a lean finance team & focus on the core part of our business. Furthermore, the team understands the cross-country accounting rules that only a handful of firms do. They help us sleep well at night – knowing that the accounting part of the organization is under control.

  • With Zervant you can run your small business online and offers easy to use Invoicing, Time tracking, and Accounting.
  • Upon graduating from Y Combinator in August 2010, inDinero gained angel attention.
  • They have been committed to the project by asking essential questions.
  • In order to that, they created a financial team that helps customers take care of invoicing and expenses, payroll, onboarding employees, tax filing and much more.
  • The team schedules regular calls to discuss the client’s business financial transactions.
  • The senior controller schedules regular calls with us to go over bills, finances, etc.

Thanks to MILKBOOK®, self-employed persons and SMEs are now able to easily manage the entire process. This cloud application allows you to track your national and international travel expenses, attach scanned bills and documents and create reporting’s of travel costs. The senior controller schedules regular calls with us to go over bills, finances, etc. She back dated our accounts and got them sent off in time for the financial years end. For the most part, nothing, but it would be great if they could completely the tasks slightly more ahead of schedule so there would be more time for reviews prior to the next deliverable.

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We wanted InDinero to clean up our books, take over our bookkeeping (e.g., coding transactions), and produce fiscal reports (e.g., P&L statements). “They’ve dedicated a professional to learning the nuances of the company to provide customized support.” I founded Pry with Alex, Hayden and Tiffany to solve small business financial planning. I founded inDinero with Jessica Mah to automate small business accounting. Jessica Mah started the initial development of inDinero at age 19 after meeting her co-founder Andy Su at UC Berkeley. Upon graduating from Y Combinator in August 2010, inDinero gained angel attention. In February 2013, inDinero received the largest of a three-fund investment from FundersClub in their initial investment in enterprise software companies.

Pulse Insights’ micro survey platform helps clients get instantaneous insights from their web and mobile properties to continually improve customer experience and conversion rates. Online time clock and timesheet software, designed for business owners, bookkeepers, and payroll professionals. We are a new company and we needed an accounting team to clean up our books and give us an accurate understanding of our financial heath.

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It was pulling in $100,000 in revenue before she was even in high school, Mah said. Jessica Mah’s aspires to be part of the next chapter meshing tax and technology. Her company, which offers unlimited, flat-fee accounting/tax/payroll services as software, aims to change the role/definition of the CPA and accounting professions. InDinero helps small startups manage their finances – get instant insights into your finances. To simplify it, automation software that can provide an all-in-one solution for managing your business financials is quintessential. The service provides you with the freedom to access the numbers you need, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.


Jessica Mah, faced with her own financial mire, thought other business owners would appreciate a simple way to monitor their finances. Mah and her partner Andy Su created the tech, and soon got funding through Y Combinator. She enlisted other Berkeley classmates and created, “We wanted to make it easy, and that meant having everything be as automatic as possible.”

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It combines project management, CRM, DMS, project time tracking (incl. attendance time), travel expense management, issue tracking system and more. This easy to use tool helps small, medium and large companies since 1999 across 50 countries. InDinero provides finance and accounting services for a consumer products company. They have cleaned and reconciled the client’s financial transactions and are now managing its accounting using Quickbooks. As your company grows up — raising capital, budget forecasts, financial models, month-end close, and year-end taxes.

Instead of a self-service tool for tracking small business finances, inDinero now offers what Mah calls an all-in-one solution for accounting, taxes and payroll. InDinero connects you with a team of accounting, tax, and business experts that provides bookkeeping and tax services. These experts help you manage your books and provide financial reports. TimO is a web-based project management tool with a powerful Gantt Chart, CRM, DMS, Workflow and Project billing and automatic time/cost control.

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From nurturing your idea to taking it to market you burn through hours of time and money in the hope it will all be ok, that customers will buy your product or service. This goes beyond ad impressions, website clicks, and form fills. In order to make the best decisions that impact your retail business’ bottom line, you need the ability to derive actionable insights from a full scope of business data. The first step to leveraging this data is understanding the key metrics that inform it. With Zervant you can run your small business online and offers easy to use Invoicing, Time tracking, and Accounting. Zervant is designed for small businesses and freelancers and is the easy way to do your paperwork. Create estimates, invoices, credit notes and more with just a few clicks.

InDinero is a SaaS company’s accounting partner, handling bookkeeping and tax-filing processes. They’ve initially facilitated a multi-day onboarding to understand the client’s business. InDinero has made tax filing and other reporting smoother by reconciling the client’s books accurately and on time.


Tap into the extensive experience of one of inDinero’s fractional CFOs to guide your business through crucial decisions. Gain the financial accuracy, visibility, and real-time analysis you need to make smarter decisions, drive efficiency, and achieve total organizational alignment.

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They’re a one-stop-shop solution that takes care of all the back-office needs that a business can have. They’re servicing businesses as small as two employees with no revenue up to businesses with 100 employees and 8-figure revenues. InDinero provides finance and accounting services for a software development firm. They support the client’s accounting, tax, and financial projection, ensuring financial resources are placed on business goals. InDinero is a web-based accounting and tax software ideal for small businesses and startups.


InDinero hired more than 100 employees in 2015 and is on pace to double its staff this year. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

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Minitheory worked with an international team of programmers and designers from the USA, South Africa and Vietnam to build the app. Coordination was pulled off using a mix of Hipchat , frequent Skype calls and the use of Pivotal Tracker (a web-based issue tracking software used frequently by Agile developers).

Manually keeping track of the company’s money through Excel or Quickbooks proved to be painful, and no solution at the time allowed for her to automatically monitor her company’s finances. When it comes to your finances, you need a partner who can give you the tools and insights you need to scale, at a cost that won’t break the bank. Basic bookkeeping services, outdated accounting firms, and expensive in-house hires won’t cut it.

They have immediately set up the client with the new system and held meetings every week, providing an excellent support system to the organization. They have been committed to the project by asking essential questions. Looking to learn financial best practices or prime your business for the next stage of growth?

They are overall an amazing support system to our organization, and I’ll be lost without them. It wasn’t done the best and we didn’t have any technology like QuickBooks. We hired InDinero after we received a large amount of funding to help us get everything cleaned up. We also wanted a partner who specialized in nonprofits and could help us with our 990 filing. They’ve dedicated a professional to learning the nuances of the company to provide customized support. We interviewed three firms and decided to go with inDinero based on experience and price.

Although the engagement was temporary, due to their dedication to ensuring financial excellence and process enhancement, we’ve kept them on at a lower scale indefinitely. Their eagerness to learn new systems and processes while ensuring quality work is impressive. Now we are in touch weekly and have a monthly meeting to go over all of their reports.

PitchBook is a financial technology company that provides data on the capital markets. Now they manage our end-to-end accounting using Quickbooks online. The main deciding factors were getting feedback on their services and the number of startups that work with them.

InDinero provides the startup accounting software and data to understand, run, and grow your small business. Explore our accounting, bookkeeping, and tax service options. Back in the 8th grade, Mah was earning and spending thousands of dollars while trying to grow her first company. She didn’t know how much money the company was spending, what its profits looked like, or what its recurring monthly expenses looked like.

They first fixed all over our previous years accounting and then set us up for success moving forward. I am the Managing Principal of a 12-member healthcare consulting firm. I oversee operations, strategy, and business development, as well as carry a portfolio of consulting projects.